Royal Mail boss recalled over ‘inconsistencies’ in evidence to MPs business News

January 25, 2023 0 Comments

The chief executive of Royal Mail has been accused of giving false evidence to a committee of MPs and recalled to face further questions.

Simon Thompson has been asked to explain a number of statements to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) committee Last week “At the earliest opportunity”, said committee chairman Darren Jones.

MPs said they were sent hundreds of complaints with evidence, which came amid the company’s bitter dispute with frontline workers belonging to the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) in response to questions posed by Mr Thompson.

As a new strike ballot got underway, Mr Jones said there were three key areas of focus for the committee.

MPs asked why royal message was tracking how fast employees were making deliveries using their handheld computers and whether they were disciplined based on that data.

Mr Thompson said in his opening evidence: “No. I’m not aware of technology that we have that tells people to work more quickly. I’m not aware of that at all.”

He also denied that it is Royal Mail policy to give priority to parcels over letters, something that may be in breach of the rules.

However, Mr Jones said: “Contrary to your evidence, we have been told that managers in a number of delivery offices are advising Royal Mail delivery staff that parcels are still to be priorityised.”

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‘Why were you given the bonus?’

Letters sent to the committee claim posters have appeared in many delivery offices across the country asking employees to prioritize parcels.

The committee said MPs also have “concerns” about how Royal Mail handles sick pay.

“Since Mr Thompson appeared before the committee last week, we have a significant amount of evidence which suggests his answers may not be entirely accurate”, Mr Jones said.

“Giving false information to a parliamentary committee, whether by mistake or otherwise, is taken very seriously.

“We must get to the bottom of these discrepancies on behalf of Parliament and intend to do so during this additional hearing.”

Royal Mail replied: “We welcome the opportunity to expand on any points on which the committee seeks clarification, and share the steps we are taking to resolve this dispute and to protect our people and customers.” Secure the long-term future of Royal Mail for

“As the CWU (Communication Workers Union) launches its third ballot for industrial action today, we are seeing an increasingly false narrative on our pay and change dispute.

“This is designed to create fear and uncertainty among our employees as the CWU prepares for further harm instead of focusing on a settlement to meet the needs of our customers and pay increases to our people.” builds support for the strikes, which have already lost around £1,800. After each 18-day strike.”

The CWU said: “In the interest of democracy and public standards, we wholeheartedly welcome this decision.

“Politicians have serious concerns about Simon Thompson’s offensive conduct to the electorate with the potential knowledge and candor to conduct the investigation.

“These concerns are shared by millions of people, who need to know the facts from the people who run the postal services they trust, and deserve to be treated with the utmost seriousness.”

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