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January 24, 2023 0 Comments

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission announced Tuesday that they are asking communications companies to stop processing robo-sales calls for a company called MV Realty.

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In November, 11 investigators teamed up with our sister stations at Cox Media Group to look into consumer complaints about the Florida-based company. Our investigation found homeowners saying that when they agreed to get fast cash from the realty company that got exclusive rights to sell their homes for 40 years, they didn’t know what they were doing. have been Some homeowners said they got pennies on the dollar in the deal.

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We also learned that if a landlord refused to stick to the “agreement,” MV Realty often filed suit against them, demanding thousands of dollars.

Following our broadcast, attorneys general in Pennsylvania, Florida and Massachusetts filed suit against the company. The states of Georgia and North Carolina have confirmed that they have also launched investigations into the business.

On the federal front, in addition to Tuesday’s FCC announcement, the chairman of the Senate Banking and Housing Committee has asked the FTC and CFPB to investigate MV Realty.

11 Investigators repeatedly asked MV Realty for an on-camera interview, but the company declined.

However, in written statements, it has told us in part that it has more than 30,000 satisfied customers, that the terms of its contracts have been clearly explained, and that the validity of its business agreements will ultimately be upheld.

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